Enjoy Your
Worry less


with Tedcare you can monitor

Heart Rate

You will know about each beat of your baby’s heart.

Oxigenation Level

You will always now if your baby is breathing normally.

App ES_morado

You can see
in real time
the health
of your baby

if something is wrong
with your baby's
Tedcare will
let you know

App ES_rojo

Different Sizes

3 fabric extensions, to fit every leg sizes.

Freedom of Use

Tedcare connects directly to your phone, so you can use it inside and outside your home, even during a trip

Mobile App

Oxygenation and Heart Rate in real time. Graphics and history of vital signs. Alarms in case of emergency.


30m bluetooth connection.


Tedcare uses the same technology as a pulse Oximeter.


10 hours in use and 2 hours of charging time.

App ES_lockscreen

No matter what you are doing, you can always know if your baby is well.

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